2019 Audi R8 Gt Performance

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The second-generation Audi R8 is about to receive its mid-cycle facelift. We’ve already seen prototypes on public roads, and it seems that the Germans have prepared big changes for the facelift. It also seems that Audi is working on a higher performance version of the R8, possibly a successor to the GT model.

Although it has yet to confirm such a model, a new R8 GT makes sense given the fact that the second-gen supercar has yet to spawn any special editions yet. The original GT was discontinued back in 2013, while the LMX was produced in 2014 only. It’s been four years since Audi offered anything above the R8 Plus, so it’s about time the German brand gave the supercar a performance bump. A beefed-up R8 could arrive in 2019, but until we find out more about that, let’s take a closer look at what upgrades it may get. READ: 2019 Audi A7 Release Date Usa Interior

2019 Audi R8 Gt Specs and Review


Having already seen other spy shots with the facelifted R8, I can tell that this car is pretty much the same. The front fascia sports the same changes, including the Singleframe grille that is wider, but at the same time narrower, making the nose seem flatter and more aggressive. It also sports a honeycomb mesh and a revised splitter below.

The same goes for the side vents, which are no longer rectangular and separated from the headlamps. The latter, as well as the front hood, are carried over from the outgoing model, but the car here still looks very different from the R8 we all know.

There aren’t any new features to talk about as far as the side profile is concerned, except for the really thin vent under the door. This tiny gap could be some sort of aero feature, but it could also have a cooling function. One thing’s certain; it’s being used for the first time here.

2019 Audi R8 Gt Wallpaper

The rear end boasts the same upgrades we’ve seen on the Spyder model, starting with a new grille that stretches the entire width of the car. The diffuser is also new, with the vertical fins set further apart from each other. We can also see the massive oval outlets that replaced the R8’s traditional rectangular pipes. However, while the Spyder has a spoiler integrated into the decklid, this coupe comes with a fixed wing. Granted, the outgoing coupe also has a wing, but this one seems to be a bit different, which suggests revised aerodynamics for a more powerful car.

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Granted, there’s no way I can tell at this point, and this test car may actually be just a revised R8, but as I said in the introduction, it’s about time Audi made a successor to the GT or the LMX.


Our paparazzi didn’t manage to snap shots of the interior, but it’s safe to assume that changes will be mild. The standard R8 will probably get a few new upholstery options and minor revisions to the trim, but other than that, the overall design will remain the same. Sure, the supercar will gain updates to the infotainment system and the instrument cluster, both of which will get transferred into the GT model.

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Just like the regular R8, the GT will get Alcantara and leather upholstery as standard, as well as diamond-quilted stitching on the seats. However, customers who want a more race-like feel will be able to order an all-Alcantara cabin in black with contrast stitching here in there. The seats should also become a bit more aggressive in this model, and Audi could even introduce all-carbon units. Speaking of the lightweight material, expect to find chunks of it on the center stack, center console, and even on the door panels.


The R8 GT will be the most expensive supercar in the lineup. As of now, the V10 Plus tops the range with a $194,400 sticker, so expect the GT to fetch in excess of $200,000. There’s a big chance that the GT will also be offered in a limited-edition run, so don’t be shocked if Audi will ask more than $230,000 for one.

10 Photos of the 2019 Audi R8 Gt Performance

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