2019 Suzuki V-Strom Price and Review

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The Touring leads the way with a narrow bird’s-beak fairing that couples with the ample, 5.3-gallon fuel tank hump to create the well-established adventure-bike profile. In order to keep the entry narrow and drag to a minimum, the halogen headlights are stacked in a common recess that dominates the visage. Down between the blackout fork sliders is a proper fender, so you don’t have to rely on the dubious coverage of the high-mount beak to control your forward fling.

Up top, an adjustable windshield punches a minimal hole in the wind for the rider’s torso with a vented design that minimizes turbulence and the much-dreaded head-buffet effect. The factory missed an opportunity to clean up the front end by sticking the front turn signals in with the mirrors or the handguards; almost anything would be better than the standoff-style LED clusters, really. A bash plate completes the forward protection from its spot at the turn of the cradle below the radiator that nearly disappears behind the partial upper cowl.

2019 Suzuki V-Strom Configurations

Though it starts out rather narrow, the fairing flares out toward the back to form a decent pocket, but then it narrows down once more to meet the frame and seat at a skinny waist that leaves you with a straight shot from hip to ground. That last will come in handy for riders with shorter inseams, especially since the seat rides at 32.9 inches off the ground. The p-pad comes complete with a set of large J.C. handles and fold-up footpegs.

I gotta’ give Suzuki credit; nothing says tour-capable to an American buyer quite like stock saddlebags, and these hard-side panniers fit the bill quite nicely, plus they’re of the quick-connect variety, which makes them convenient and easy to deal with. A stock luggage rack finishes off the storage possibilities above an LED taillight and incandescent turn signals that ride on a short mudguard extension along with the plate.


Lightweight aluminum is the material of choice for the twin-spar frame and yoke-style swingarm. The steering head is set at 25.4-degrees with 4.21 inches of trail, and it will traverse through 40-degrees to each side for easy parking-lot maneuvers. Even the blackout rims are aluminum, though they’re laced to the hub with polished stainless-steel spokes for a bit of bling.

2019 Suzuki V-Strom Prices

Rwu front forks run with a 43 mm inner fork-tube diameter and blackout sliders, plus it rocks an adjustable spring-preload feature for a little bit of tuneability. Out back, the link-type suspension relies on a coil-over monoshock to take care of business with a hand-operated spring-preload feature alongside adjustable rebound damping to finish off the ride-quality goodies. Tubeless hoops line the composite rims with a 110/80-19 up front opposite a 150/70-17 to round out the rolling chassis.

ABS protection is part of the stock package. It oversees the operation of the dual, two-piston Tokico anchors biting the 310 mm front discs and the single-pot Nissin caliper that binds a 260 mm disc out back. Touring weight measures in at 514 pounds, wet, with the hard panniers installed, so that’s some solid brake hardware that should be ample for nearly any kind of riding and load. The Touring comes ready to receive the heated grips and seats from the accessories catalog.


Dual over-head cams time the four-valve heads that come with twin spark plugs in each combustion chamber for positive flame-front propagation. Induction control falls to the dual 39 mm throttle bodies and ten-hole injector nozzles with emissions control courtesy of the exhaust-gas probes and catalytic converter in the 2-into-1 exhaust system.

The engine-control electronics come off the top shelf, and it starts with Suzuki’s proprietary Dual Throttle Valve induction control that has servo-controlled butterfly valves that help smooth out the difference between demand and capability. An Idle-Speed Control feature stabilizes the engine, even when cold, with a Low RPM Assist feature that provides stumble-free transitions near the bottom end of the range. Traction control oversees all with two separate operating modes and an “Off” setting if you’d prefer.

What does all that get ya’? Well, it looks like the mill claims a total of 69 ponies at 8,000 rpm with 50.9 pound-feet of torque that maxes out at 6,400 rpm. A standard clutch couples the engine’s power to a six-speed transmission that rocks a sporty ratio for acceleration through the first five gears, but makes the sixth gear very tall indeed for comfortable interstate cruising and a top speed of 115 mph.


The new 2019 V-Strom 650XT Touring rolls for $9,999. That’s $1,200 more than the base model, but it has so much more utility right off the showroom floor than the “plain” V-Strom 650, mainly due to the stock bags.


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