Being one of the largest automakers in the world and certainly one of the most important companies in the U.S. with around 8.5 percent market share, there’s naturally a lot going on around the Honda lineup each year. The next apparent focus for any car maker worthy of its salt is electrification. Unlike a number of companies which had already announced a significant action plan in that regard, Honda is still keeping things private. At least in the U.S., that is. Their European electrification plans are a bit more palpable as the company is expecting two-thirds of their volume there to feature some sort of a hybrid or all-electric powertrain by 2025. We, however, will focus on things scheduled to happen sooner and closer to home – the 2020 Honda lineup in the U.S. to be more precise.

Honda’s U.S. sales have amounted to 1,486,827 units in 2017 which is their best result since they traversed the Pacific ocean and opened up their base of operations in Los Angeles back in 1959. They started off by selling motorcycles, mind you, and their first passenger car in the U.S. wouldn’t arrive until 1970, but that’s beside the point right now anyway. The important part is their sales have actually taken a turn for the worse in 2018. Concluding with November 2018, the American Honda Motor Company has managed to market a total of 1,307,553 vehicles in the U.S. which is a slight 3.3 percent downturn compared to the same period in 2017 when they had sold 1,352,572 cars. READ: 2019 Honda Hrv Pictures Concept

MY 2020 is expected to be one of the turning points for the Honda brand. The North American customers will be deprived of the all-new Urban EV concept-based electric car, but they’ll get a number of facelifted and/or redesigned models currently on offer instead. Whether that will be enough to keep the sales momentum going remains to be seen, however. It’s evident that the Japanese will have to address their recent lack of creativity on the U.S. market sooner rather than later, though. Hopefully, by introducing something similar to one of these outstanding JDM models. Without further ado, here’s what to pay attention to when it comes to Honda cars in 2020.

2020 Accord Review

The tenth-generation Honda Accord is one of the best mid-size sedans on the market right now. Despite the fact it’s always been one of the best vehicles in its class, MY 2020 will be this generation’s third. As such, the 2021 Accord is expected to undergo a mid-cycle facelift which could bring a number of interesting changes. Needless to say, if you’re in the market for a mid-size sedan and the 2020 Accord piques your interest, maybe it’s better to sit out on it and bide your time for another year. If not for anything else, then at least in order to find out how much of an improved package the Japanese will manage to offer. Meanwhile, the 2020 Accord offers a plethora of standard safety gear, upscale cabin feel, great handling, and an affordable starting price of under $24,000. Considering all of the aforementioned, it actually pains us seeing the Accord listed among the less fortunate Honda models for MY 2020.

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A duo of peppy turbocharged 4-cylinder engines is another one of the Honda Accord’s strong points. Most Accords will make do with a 192-horsepower 1.5L turbo four, but those in need of more power could opt for a 252-horsepower 2.0L four-banger. They’ll need to go for the range-topping EX-L and Touring trims, or a slightly more affordable Sport trim in order to gain access to these, however. Making ends meet in one of the highest-competitive segments traditionally, the Accord naturally also offers a hybrid powertrain. It generates a total of 212 ponies thanks to a 2.0L naturally aspirated 4-cylinder engine and electric motor fusion and returns up to 48 miles to the gallon according to the EPA. Unlike before, the Honda Accord doesn’t offer a V6 option anymore. Chalk it up to modernization, but we’d still like to see it regardless.


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