We’ll find a new 2020 Nissan Z. The brand new Nissan Z car arrives for the expose from the next few years, and a few advise we might see it on the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show or maybe at NAIAS in 2019.

These details not established yet. However, all of us know already that Nissan is certainly taking care of a substitute to the Nissan 370Z. We are letting you know yet again – the 2020 Nissan Z vehicle will arrive.

Personally, it is a big deal as we truly loved the 370Z with its most elegant, most affordable type. Let’s read what we are thinking about the new 2020 Nissan Z (maybe) in our article below. Enjoy the news!


The Australian people from WhichCar got an exciting talk with the one and only Alfonso Albaisa. In the event the name doesn’t sound familiar, he’s Senior Vice Chairman for Global Design at Nissan.

The skilled guy guiding the spectacular Infiniti Prototype 9 and also the similarly beautiful Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept stated focus on a brand new Z vehicle is perfectly on-going, and then he is exclusively working in the project.

That’s the plan. Nissan is tight at the office planning an excellent overdue successor for the older 370Z. All of us thinks we’ll need to hold on a lot of periods to find the upcoming Z as Nissan may attempt to reveal the sports coupe within more than a year from now.

The concept will be the Tokyo Motor Show planned for October 2019 may be the best location to memorialize 50 years of Z vehicles by coming out an all-new one.


It’s tough to think the Nissan 370Z continues to be for sale for almost ten years. Every single year, Nissan preserves producing small improvements to the older 370Z once the Japanese sports vehicle is long-term past due a substitute.

The coming year also represents the 50th anniversary of the famous Nissan 240Z, which will appear similar to a suitable period to expose a great all-new Z vehicle.

But, there have been concerns how the Z car is going to wiped out once the 370Z completes production. Don’t worry, because Nissan’s Senior Vice Chairman for Global Design Alfonso Albaisa has clarified all of our hopes, verifying that the 370Z successor is within the executes.


The name 400Z is only gossip. However, it appears ideal for the extension within the group of vehicles that began nearly half a century ago.

In that way, Nissan might complete the just reasonable point and name the vehicle not following the engine capability, however in compliance with all the power of the engine.


This section is all of Alfonso Albaisa would like to discuss now. However, these helpful details must be sufficient since we realize a brand new Z design.

As we would depend on the rumor coming from Japan, Nissan is apparently dealing with Mercedes, even though we’d consider this specific rumor.

Surprisingly, the project will be to use a four-cylinder 2.0-liter engine along with a larger 3.0-liter V6 coming from Infiniti. The Nissan Z model of all of them is predicted to get around 400 horsepower, where there could even describe as a hybrid type in the future.

Once again, we wouldn’t rely much on that rumor, but we must be realistic and exciting to discover Nissan and Mercedes work together like exactly BMW, and Toyota did with the mutually created Z4 and Supra versions.

On the other news, Autocar has formerly indicated the next-generation Nissan Z uses the identical twin-turbo V6 based in the Infiniti Q50 and Q60. It may be known as the 400Z, indicating we can get the 370Z’s substitute to get about 400 hp under the hood.

The statement as well says a sexier 400Z Nismo can show up having a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 engine generating 475 hp as well as 451 lb-ft of torque.

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