Audi often comes to mind when luxury car is in talk. This German car manufacturer steadily churns out new innovations. The Audi A9 Chameleon is proving that the automaker does not slack off. This car receives tremendous amount of hype since it was first introduced to public few years ago. The warm welcome is warranted since it does not only look sleek and charming. This car is also packed with luxury features and powerful engine. Let’s see what this can offer to automobile fans around the world!

The Design of Audi A9 Chameleon

As this automaker is known for making luxurious cars, buyers can expect that Audi A9 Chameleon will be packed with varied expensive feature from head to toe. Those who have seen Prologue concept car will notice some similarities of design between these two cars. This sedan will take after Prologue sleek appearance. It is going to have the same slim proportion. It will be a four-door car with sporty and classy look instead of two-door one.

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Perhaps the biggest feature in this car’s overall design is its drivetrain. A9 will fully rely on electro charging to function. The production of this car is a part of Audi’s long term plan to have a fourth of its productions being electric automobiles by 2025. The usage of green energy is certainly making Audi A9 Chameleon attractive to specific group of buyers. Looking at current trend, it seems like this car will get even more popular in the future.

Audi A9 Chameleon Exterior and Interior

Chameleon technology that is rumored to be presented in A9 is a cutting edge technology that cannot be found in other cars. Just like Chameleon, this car is capable of changing its outer color on some parts. Driver only needs to press a certain button to do it. The feature is made possible due to special nanotechnology material that constitutes the car’s exterior. The material is applied on its roof and windscreen.

In terms of interior design, Audi A9 Chameleon does not really go wild. The inner part will have clean and uncluttered look, particularly in passengers’ sides. Its steering wheel has sporty look to it with flat underside. Passengers will have plenty leg room just like in A8. However, due to A9’s roofline, the headroom is slightly tighter than previous model. Nonetheless, passengers will still be pampered by its plush seats.

The infotainment system within this car is also going to be improved. Passengers will have more entertainment options. Driver and safety features will likely get upgrades too. These features can be access through three different screens located on the front space. Material that builds the interior is also high quality. Leather upholstery is a basic option and upper trims will get more spectacular interior material.

Engine Specs in Audi A9 Chameleon

As an electric car, Audi A9 Chameleon will be armed with three motors. The first motor will run its front wheels. Meanwhile, the other two will support its rear counterpart. A liquid-cooled 95 kWh battery pack will fuel these motors with electric charge. It should be able to power the car up to 311 miles range. That amount of power makes it competitive in the market. Thanks to the battery as well, A9 is capable to support wireless charging. The car is also armed with Level 4 automation.

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This car has two driving modes: Drive and Sport. Standard Drive mode has power output of 429 horsepower. In Sport mode, this car can produce up to 590 pound feet torque and 496 horsepower for a while. A9 can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph within 3.8 to 5.5 seconds. Its speed limit is predicted to be similar as Audi’s other electric car, Q6, which is 131 mph. However, since this car has more aerodynamic body, the top speed should be faster than that.

Release Date of Audi A9 Chameleon

The concept car of Audi 9 Chameleon has been released to public few years ago. Since then, the automaker continues giving fans updates and spy shots of this luxury sport sedan. Clearer images have been released in order to prepare public for its eventual debut. The A9 is expected to be launched to market by the end of 2019. If not, it should be out around first quarter of 2020. This car is going to compete with Model S from Tesla for public’s attention since the two share similar characteristics.

Audi A9 Chameleon Pricing Information

Using the previous model and its competitors as benchmarks, the base model will be priced around $90,000. The highest trim may even get to $130,000 point. This car is predicted to be one of the most expensive lines from Audi. The company has not released detailed information regarding trim levels of Audi A9 Chameleon and its additional trims. It should be out soon, though.


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