Enzo Ferrari founded the company back in 1939. A year later the car company built the very first model. Throughout the decades that followed we have seen Ferrari transition into one of the greatest car company’s in the world. However, like other prestigious car brands we tend to forget but Ferrari had multiple duds along the way. We tend to celebrate some of the best models like the F40 and recent production of LaFerrari but what if we told that the inspiration for the LaFerrari came from one of the worst concept Ferrari models ever created? Yes, that is the reality. As you’ll see in this article the 60s, 70s and 80s created some wacky concepts. We’ll also include recent innovations that we hope Ferrari looks away from. Do we really want the company to branch into SUVs?

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On the flip side we’ll explore the positives with some of the best concept models from both the past and present. Some of these former models are worthy of a re-launch while some of these new designs are models we hope Ferrari seriously considers for the future. Some might be the catalysts in terms of the future direction for the prestigious car company.

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From models like the Modulo in the past to concept designs like the F80, we feature both the good and bad Ferrari concept ideas. Enjoy the article and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado here are 12 Ferrari concept cars they need to bury in the past and 8 they should actually make. Let’s get started!

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