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Afraid to Fly? Turn Your Fear into Your Passion

Posted on April 14, 2023 by Peter Rogers

In case you have a fear of flying you probably do not understand why anyone would enjoy getting into a plane, strapping themselves in and feeling the rush of power as the plane shoots into the sky with you inside. In fact the mere thought is enough to make you breathe faster and start sweating. You feel this way because your irrational fear is the basis of information. There are many others out there who actually LOVE to fly and would gladly do it everyday if given the chance. There are people that are so excited about flying they watch planes every chance they can.

They examine them, photograph them and imagine themselves inside one as it leaves the runway. They are actually sad that they don't get to fly that day. They wish they had somewhere to go so they could take a plane to get there!

Fearful flyers take note: you should turn the object of your fear in your passion. You can join this elite rank of flying enthusiasts by analyzing these planes that terrify you so much.

People who love airplanes and flying read what they can about how planes fly. They know far more than the average flyer and as a result they understand these machines are something to be appreciated not feared. In the event that you were to look at planes through the eyes of people who love them you would see that flying is something fantastic and you would realize that your fears are unfounded and based on faulty information.

Take charge, take action. Do not let this fear beat you. Determine exactly what you're afraid of and learn about these particular parts or processes. Study them, engross yourself in them. Talk to experts, read forum posts, take pictures, take a class, meet the professionals. Do whatever it takes to turn your fear into your passion and you will quickly forget that it was a fear in the first place.