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Check For FOD Before You Fly

Posted on August 15, 2023 by Peter Rogers

What exactly is FOD? It is Foreign Object Particles. It is anything that does not belong exactly where it is. For instance, sticks or stones on the ramp around the airplane are thought FOD. Pens or papers within the floor of the airplane also are regarded FOD. Again, anything that is out of location is foreign object debris.

Exactly why is this a problem? Debris on the ground across the airplane could get sucked into the propellar and damage the airplane. Or even, as you taxi, the debris may not hit your airplane, but it may blow back and hit other aircraft or people.

Another problem with FOD inside the airplane is that it might get when it comes to something you need to operate. You don't wish loose papers or objects within the airplane that could distract you out of your primary duty of flying.

I actually heard a story once about a man who had to make an emergency getting because he lost some control of the particular airplane. He landed safely, yet found out that a pen that he acquired left in the floor of their airplane months previously had got jammed into some of the control wires. It was a little thing that could have already been a lot worse. And it could have been effortlessly avoided.

One way to avoid FOD in the airplane is to make sure that you are taking far from the airplane everything that you delivered to the flight. This will help to ensure that there is nothing accidentally in the airplane without a person knowing about it.

This is just one of a lot of things you can do each and every time you fly. Furthermore, having good flying habits are good for safety as well as professionalism.