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Don't Fly Unless You Use This Checklist!

Posted on January 1, 2024 by Peter Rogers

Before each flight, you execute a preflight inspection of the aircraft you will be going to fly in. You ensure that it's airworthy, legal and safe to try the skies. That's an important step that you need to never, ever skip.

Another item to be sure of is one which might not maintain your aircraft checklist. That item is you. Make sure that before each flight you review the checklist. This tends to just be sure to are just as airworthy and safe as your plane.

  • Illness: Make sure that you aren't sick. You don't want to fly with a headache or other illness that will impair your flying ability.
  • Medication: You don't need to be taking any medicines that can cause you to drowsy or weaken your own preference making capability.
  • Stress: If you're flying, stress is dangerous. Don't ever fly carrying out a breakup, demotion at the work, family problems, or whatever will need the human brain from the duty accessible.
  • Alcohol: 8 hours - bottle to throttle. You can't legally fly within eight hours of consuming alcohol, or if your BAC (blood alcohol content) is greater than 0.04
  • Fatigue: If you are drifting off to sleep at the wheel on the path to the airport… this can be an indicator never to enter the airplane. Simply, don't fly if you are too tired. This can certainly be a no-brainer.
  • Emotion: Nearly the same as stress, make certain you aren't depressed or elsewhere emotionally struggling to be pilot in command of your aircraft.
  • There could be NOTHING worth risking your lifestyle over just to make a flight promptly. So many pilots believe they need to make it happen and they also feel invincible and take great unnecessary risks. If flying conditions (weather especially) are too much to enable you to handle, find alternate approach to travel, and luxuriate in your life.