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Fear of Flying

Posted on October 12, 2023 by Peter Rogers

There are some fears in life that defy reasoning. Fear of spiders may be one, anxiety about lifts is another, and perhaps a anxiety about flying is another. Everyday, thousands of aeroplanes take off around the world, carrying millions of travellers safely to their destination. Flying is among the safest, if not the safest, type of travel available. It is far more secure than getting in the car, yet more than one third of the population still survey a fear of flying.

People report many concerns when they talk of their own fear of flying. Many report deficiencies in confidence in the air traffic control program and fear that a simple error on the ground can lead to disaster in the air. After that there are fears of faults with all the plane itself. Most people saw the particular pictures of the concord crash a couple of years ago and when you're sitting with an airplane, a few feet from the enormous jet engines humming steadily, it appears very hard to believe that nothing could fail with such a machine. In fact the shape and appearance of airplanes really does little to inspire confidence within passengers who already are having uncertainties about the airworthiness of the plane.

After that there are the reports and push attention of the troubles of strong vein thrombosis.

The fact of the issue however , is that flying is extremely secure. It is one of the wonders of technologies that air travel, with all the multitude of possible failures, keep delivering flight right after flight, on time and without a problem. In fact , in contrast to almost all other forms associated with travel, air travel is becoming safer plus safer every year.

The statistics are left out for obvious reasons. Do you know what the chances are of having just one fatality on a flight? Well based on the BBC, it is 1 in sixteen million. And in the vast majority of accidents high are fatalities, more than half of the other travellers survive. What this means is that even if you escape all the odds and are on one from the few unlucky flights that really does crash, you are still more likely to endure than die in the accident.

Nevertheless , there is one issue with air travel how the statistics don't commend so extremely. Delays, lost luggage and lacking flights are still frequent issues that problem passengers. Luckily, all of these can be protected for with some good, comprehensive travel cover.