Finding the Cheapest Airfares

To get the best airfares, it takes a set of actions to be accomplished during the same time period. Airfare rates change suddenly online, so once you find a price that you are comfortable with, grab it.

1] Always try to purchase your tickets as far in advance as you can. Usually the nearer you get to your departure date, the higher the fare will go. Try to reserve your travel at least 14 days before your departure.
2) When searching for International fares, Consolidators can save you hundreds of dollars on International flights.
3] For vacations, it’s ideal to reserve your hotel and air together.
4) Sometimes its just easier to go to a Travel Agent or the Airlines themselves.
5) If you can, book yourself on the red eye. These flights are usually less costly. Try to arrive in the early morning at your destination. If you are a female traveling alone, especially on International Flights, remain at the airport before the sun rises, then catch a cab/bus to your destination.
6] If you are a senior, ask the airlines for the Senior’s Fare. If they say they don’t have a Senior’s Discount Fare, ask them what happen to it? Some US Airlines sell Coupons to passengers age 62 and older.
7] If two or more persons are traveling, ask the airlines for the ‘Companion Fare”
8] Travel during ‘Low Season’. Your flights, hotels and car rentals are cheaper. When traveling as an independent, assess a Travel Guide (Worldwide) for the best hotels, restaurants, sightseeing tours and other useful tips]
9] The best deals are online and with patients, you can locate them.
10) Remember, it’s almost always cheaper to book your hotel and air at exactly the same time.