How to Save on Airfare

The Internet has provided a revolution in the way people shop for airfares. What was the province only of connected travel agents is now the province of every Internet connected traveler. Recent studies have shown that online airfare shoppers visit more than three sites on average to shop for airfares.

What many of those online shoppers fail to realize is that only comparing costs on various websites isn’t necessarily the best way to find reduced rates.

There are many tricks to finding lower rates that go beyond finding the ideal Internet websites.

First, all air travel should be booked more than thirty days in advance when at all possible. There are ways to find great last minute deals, but overall, the best way to find excellent deals on air travel is to purchase in advance.

Another way to receive reduced airfares is to book all your trips during down seasons. The end of summer is a perfect example of a downward season when. When possible, always reserve a trip during down times, regardless of if the trip happens. Many folks fail to realize that the purchase price of a trip can be related to when it was purchased, not how far in advance, but what the seasonal costs were at the time of purchase.

Many airfare shoppers are now using the Web where various airlines rates and times are compared and contrasted. What they aren’t aware of is that these rates don’t always signify the cheapest rates an airline supplies. At present, the best way to assure that the lowest cost would be to call the airlines and ask them directly. Many times they will have deals that are only available to people who call in. Also, it’s worthwhile to call just after midnight, as any specials for the day that have not sold out could continue to be available.

Generally speaking, costs in the middle of this week will probably be cheaper than costs at the end of the week, so trips from Wednesday to Wednesday are ideal.

When considering different airports, many men and women fail to take into account smaller airports serviced by players such as Southwest Airlines. Southwest flies into many ports that seem off the beaten path, but are in fact within close driving distances of major destination. For example, Southwest does not fly to Boston Logan or JFK, but they fly into Providence, RI, Manchester, NH and Long Island. Many times these airlines can get you nearly as close to get a lot less cash.

Finally, careful analysis of rewards systems and travel patterns are the ultimate deciding factor in whether an individual airline deserves your loyal patronage, or if rate shopping makes most sense for you.