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How to Cope with Jet Lag?

Posted on October 6, 2023 by Peter Rogers

Due to the different time specific zones that vary from country to nation the health of travelers is badly impacted. In order to cope up with this difference check out the following procedures.

When your arrive throughout the daytime follow these set of guidelines:

  • Adjust your watch as per the neighborhood timing.
  • Follow a protein-based diet plan that will keep you active and fresh new.
  • Enjoy the mild sunrays each morning.
  • Do some light exercises for example light stretches and walk just a little distance to be energetic.
  • Take a brief nap if you really feel exhausted state for about 20 minutes or much less. Do not go to your bed too soon or possibly be awake until 7 or 9 p. m.
  • For those who have arrived during the nighttime you must attempt to keep yourself drowsy in the following methods.

  • Have a meal containing maximum carbs.
  • Plan to sleep during the nearby time even if you are not feeling tired.
  • Create an environment that causes sleepiness like turning on dim lights plus taking a hot bath with lavender oil.
  • Avoid using beverages like alcoholic beverages, caffeine that keeps you alert even during nights. This will trigger dehydration. Do not drive your vehicle if you are exhausted. Let the driver do the job to suit your needs safely.